Just Launched — TeamTheme


Welcome potential new member. Let’s jump straight into what our objectives are so you’ll know right off the bat, if we’re the right fit for you and your projects. TeamTheme and its themes, Team, and TeamPro, are about quality over quantity. Our themes are built specifically for, you guessed right: teams.

Teams or professionals that are more interested in creating unique brands, with tools that are more about being fast, secure, and well-coded, than about how many features they can possibly cram together, regardless of bugs and bloat. So, if you’re looking for a theme that has all the bells and whistles one could ever possibly imagine, read no further, as that is not the service we intend on offering.

Granted, our themes do have bells and whistles, but we’re very picky about the ones we’ll implement into the core, and very minimalist about the way in which we implement the features that we do have. Instead of having a hundred customizable options baked right in, with drag and drop builders and the like, we’d rather create a theme environment that allows you to add just what you need, without all the superfluous junk you don’t.

And we’re going to provide you with the support needed to make that a huge benefit, not a limitation. The customers of TeamTheme will greatly influence the growth and shaping of our offerings.

Support Requests

First up, we’re going to provide you insanely good support. Where we offer free support for both free users of the Team theme, and paying customers of the TeamPro theme. Including support for WordPress settings, theme settings, plugin settings, and even HTML and CSS customization help. From this, we’ll also learn what kind of documentation and tutorials would be most useful to write.

Feature Requests

Next up, we’re going to listen… actually listen. Every member will have a say in what features should be implemented into Team and TeamPro. Then, the rest of the community will be able to vote and comment on those ideas. The most popular ideas, so long as they don’t directly contradict our philosophies, will be added.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Thank you.